CooperVision offers Biomedics 1 Day Extra 30pk daily lenses for near and farsighted persons. These lenses provide superior comfort and hydration with high water content, making the eyes less prone to dryness and irritation.

Additionally, CooperVision designed these daily disposable contact lenses to provide contact lens wearers with the utmost comfort for up to 11 hours. So, if you’re searching for regular contacts that are comfy and last the entire day and then some, this is it!

CooperVision is easy to modify with seamless refits and blends a well-known aesthetic with comfort-enhancing functions.

It has a mid-water quality that increases comfort all around. The lens’s 55% water content helps the eyes stay moist and makes them less likely to get irritated or dry.

Additionally, since it is a daily lens, allergen build-up has little chance of occurring, which leads to fewer allergic reactions.

Additionally, because it is a daily disposable, there is no need to clean or store it like conventional contacts, which promotes healthier eyes and hassle-free efficiency.

It also comes in a box with 30 lenses and is a daily disposable lens.

Visit CooperVision’s official website to learn more about these lenses and other options.


Lens Design

Lens Type

Lenses Per Box



Ocufilcon D

Water Content



Base Curves


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  1. Carrol

    Excellent service, quick shipping. Ι Love it

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