The CooperVision company’s Proclear 1 Day 30pk daily lens, which you can purchase online from Opticalens, provides improved eye comfort and moisture. It uses innovative PC Technology.

Do you get dry, irritated eyes when wearing glasses? Regularly changing your lenses may prevent proteins and allergies from building up on your contact lenses.

This daily lens has a built-in resistance to dryness thanks to the PC Technology, which produces water molecules that form a component of the lens.

What does PC technology do?

CooperVision’s trademarked PC Technology provides exclusive lens material. Phosphorylcholine (PC) molecules are responsible for drawing and holding water to the surface. It creates a barrier that protects the lenses and maintains them operative. The PC molecules also maintain the lenses’ hydration, keeping them comfortable and moist all day.

It is available in a box with 30 lenses.

Visit CooperVision’s official website to learn more about these lenses and other options.


Lens Design

Lens Type

Lenses Per Box



Omafilcon A

Water Content



Base Curves


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