• Nature-inspired colors for a natural, enhanced look.
  • Available in a 30-pack box.
  • Daily disposable lenses for easy, hygienic wear.

1-DAY ACUVUE DEFINE 30pk are cosmetic contact lenses providing comfort and beauty. These lenses use Lacreon Technology which allows moisture in the eyes, making them comfortable to wear and beauty Wrapped in Comfort Technology. Shop all colors and find the perfect match for your unique style. Try them now and experience the difference!


Vivid Style

Add a Dark Brown border to the outermost of iris with pattern gradate to the border

Radiant Sweet

Add a Bold Grayish Brown Border to the outermost of iris

Radiant Chic

Lighten your eyes by Light Yellow Tint & Add a Thin Brown Border to the outermost of iris

Radiant Charm

Add Diamond-like shining pattern to your eyes & Dark Gray Border to the outermost of iris

Radiant Bright

Add Dark & Warm Brown Pattern with Nature Enlarge Effect to your Eyes

Natural Shine

Add Golden Pattern to your Eyes & Gray Border to the outermost of iris

Accent Style

Add a Bold Dark Gray Border to the outermost of iris

Johnson & Johnson created these lenses to serve as cosmetic lens and provides comfortable wear due to prescriptions. To add, they complement numerous cosmetic trends and attractive clothing for casual or formal occasions.

Though each design is unique to the iris, 1-Day Acuvue Define Define strives to produce a sweet, endearing appeal. Its tagline is Beauty Wrapped in Comfort, and it promises to provide comfortable wear with a dash of cosmetics.

These revolutionary lenses enhance the eyes’ appearance by complimenting rather than obscuring the iris. It also enhances the appearance of the eyes and creates an exclusive hue when combined with the unique eye color.

Furthermore, these contact lenses are innovative lenses that enhance the appearance of the eyes by complementing rather than masking the iris.

LACREON, which has moisture cushion and UV-blocking characteristics, will also help protect your eyes. Furthermore, these lenses offer UV protection and moisturizing chemicals and go above and beyond typical makeup characteristics. You can create aesthetically pleasing beauty combinations by matching colors from this Radiant Series to the cosmetics you’ll be applying.

These lenses are available in a box with 30 packs.

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Lens Design

Lens Type

Lenses Per Box



Etafilcon A

Water Content



Graphic Diameter

12.7 mm

Base Curves


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