Biotrue ONEday 90pk

Biotrue ONEday 90pk from Bausch & Lomb uses the material HyperGel, resulting in a soft contact lens. It also has Surface Active Technology, which allows them to maintain 98 percent of its moisture for up to 16 hours.

They imitate the lipid layer of the tear film to prevent eye dryness and keep the cornea’s water level stable, resulting in nothing but comfort.

Your eyes may grow fatigued, dry, and itching during the day, causing your vision to blur. The company made these lenses behave similarly to the eyes, enabling clear vision all day.

HyperGel, a bio-inspired substance that helps the eyes acquire enough oxygen to stay white and healthy, is used in these premium Bausch & Lomb lenses.

Wearing contact lenses without this advancement can reduce the amount of oxygen entering your eyes. Many people ignore the need for oxygen to preserve eye function and health.

Even if you’re using contact lenses, the HyperGel in Biotrue lenses will ensure that your eyes get enough oxygen.

These lenses are also disposable. If you replaced your lenses every day, it would help your eyes retain good health and enough oxygen levels.

It comes in a box of 90 lenses.


Lens Design

Lens Type

Lenses Per Box



Nesofilcon A

Water Content



Base Curves


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