Say hello, clear vision with Bausch and Lomb SofLens Daily Disposable for Astigmatism 30pk as it incorporates the toric lens into these lenses. It uses Lo-torque and High Definition Optics Technology for stable, crisp eyesight.

Blurry vision feels heavy on the eyes; thanks to these lenses, we can see again.

Toric contact lenses were developed specifically for people who have lenticular, corneal, or regular astigmatism. Such problems arise due to different lenses or curvature in the eyes. When you have astigmatism, your eyes’ lenses or cornea are curved. As a result, the refraction your eye detects differs between horizontal and vertical angles. As a result, you will have difficulty seeing fine details, and your eyesight will be blurry.

What else is there? The lens has a Lo-Torque curvature, which provides stable vision with a perfect fit and excellent stability. Due to the elimination of spherical aberration, High Definition Optics Technology allows for clear vision.

Toric lenses, like any other contact lens, require a prescription from your doctor. Consulting eyecare professional ensures that you receive lenses of the appropriate grade and features.

Moreover, daily disposable contact lens wear is available in 30 lenses per box.


Lens Design

Lens Type

Lenses Per Box



Hilafilcon B

Water Content



Base Curves


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