Biomedics Toric 6pk are monthly replacement contact lenses from CooperVision that treat astigmatism. These lenses use lenses specifically made for people with toric or astigmatism.

It aimed to provide excellent performance by giving superior comfort and crisp vision.

These are from the CooperVision company, which provides a range of lenses, including those cosmetic lenses.

The best option for people who need astigmatism correction with HYDROGEL lenses is CooperVision Biomedics Toric contact lenses.

It utilizes a toric lens to provide exceptional clarity of vision. Biomedics Toric are lenses with two distinct focal lengths and optical powers. Because of the hydrogel material’s nature, it also aims to offer long-term comfort.

Through its performance and value, it meets the demands of those who are astigmatic. It also has a steady performance because of its chiseled edge.

Furthermore, these are monthly prescriptions with a 30-day maximum shelf life. In addition, it provides long-lasting comfort by shielding UV rays.

It also comes in a box with six lenses and can be used for the whole month.

Visit CooperVision’s official website to learn more about these lenses and other options.


Lens Design

Lens Type

Lenses Per Box



Ocufilcon D

Water Content



Base Curves


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